Group Companies

Maison P.Jobin et Cie was founded in 1871,

originally located in Rouen, the company has been transferred to Le Havre in 1900. At this time, 4 Millions bags of coffee were in the warehouses of Le Havre, those coffees were imported by Dealers and by Brazil, suffering from over production.

The distribution to the internal market was done by Importers/ retailers who were buying from Dealers holding stocks in warehouses. The links between the numerous Dealers and Importers were obtained through brokers bringing samples with horse-drawn vehicles.

Customers of Maison P.Jobin et Cie were more than three thousands, all of them small retailers roasting with small sized machine before their doors. That is the root of our permanent concern to meet customers needs. Without telephones and motorcars the business was concluded by agents travelling by train all over the country and giving back the sales amounts when they were back in the office. The first phone of Maison P.Jobin et Cie was installed in 1935 and was used only for local communications.

Then, after the war, restrictions in importations of coffee affected activity until 1950, when restrictions were abandoned and in 1954 the futures market was reopened enabling trade to develop again in reasonable conditions. Of course Maison P.Jobin et Cie has also managed to adapt to new business conditions and all necessary means to work in new modern business world have been launched.


Maison P.Jobin et Cie pursued its activity and development by itself until 1988 when Jobin Family decided to sell the company as none of the family was wanting to manage the company.

Maison P.Jobin was bought by E.Raoul-Duval S.A. a dealer established in le Havre since 1826. After 20 years of successful activity. E.Raoul-Duval decided to sell coffee business as it was no longer part of its strategy for future.

Naturally, Neumann was interested in the company and the deal was finalised in March.2007.